22 Gift Ideas on Every Teen Girl’s Wish List



Are you having trouble solving the mystery that is the teenage girl? Have you spent weeks trying to figure out what is on her Christmas wish list? As a subscription box service for teen girls, some might call us experts on the subject! We know how difficult it can be shopping for tween and teen girls, so we’ve gathered the ultimate gift guide for teen girls. Whether her interests are in beauty, skincare, fashion, or books, we know all the best items that will contribute to her self-love and self-care. Here are 22 gift ideas for teenage girls that will make sure you’ve understood the assignment and leave her impressed!


1. Scrunchies 

 Blush satin scrunchie

Scrunchies are essential to every teen girl's outfit. Scrunchies come in different colours and can be worn on her wrist or used to tie her hair up on a bad hair day! If that’s not enough to convince you, many girls prefer scrunchies over hair ties because they prevent breakage and knots! We love these pretty satin ones by Blush scrunchies that can elevate any look!


2. Nail Products


Thanks to quarantine, many of us have developed our manicure skills by learning to do our nails at home. Some of our favourite nail products we’ve featured for a DIY manicure are NCLA Beauty’s Cuticle Oil and Soy Nail Polish Remover, Inked by Dani’s Nail Art Tattoos, and Suncoat’s water-based non-toxic nail polishes! Add these items to your shopping list so she can take her manicures to the next level!

3. Skin Care Products

With puberty, changing hormones, and stress, teens are experiencing all kinds of changes to their skin. Gifting skincare products like a gentle cleanser, a cleansing cloth, some sheet masks, or a facial cleansing brush will help keep her skin hydrated and healthy this winter! One of our favourite cleansers is Blume's Daydreamer face wash, it is gentle, hydrating, and great for sensitive skin!


4. Jewelry 

khalia jewelry gold bracelet in kaia

Who doesn’t love statement jewelry pieces to express their style or dress up an outfit? Last year we featured Khalia Jewelry’s Kaia bracelet in our Christmas holiday box and it was a hit! Adding some jewelry that matches her style will show her you've been paying attention!

5. Lip Balm


NCLA beauty lip balm

A girl can never have too many lip balms, especially when the dry winter weather can leave our lips chapped and dehydrated. This hydrating lip balm by NCLA beauty is great for keeping your lips smooth and moisturized all day. She can store it in her school bag or add it to her beauty routine!

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses


image of glasses

Between completing her school assignments, studying for her tests, and spending hours scrolling through social media, our girls are spending a lot of time looking at screens. These blue light blocking glasses are a great gift idea to help her focus, reduce eye strain, and look cute while working!

7. Headbands

sewbella headband

This one is a no-brainer! Headbands are the perfect accessory to complete a look, keep your hair out of your face, or rock different hairstyles. We love these handmade ones by Sewbella that come in a variety of colours and styles.


8.  Self-Love Temporary Tattoos

Who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to get a tattoo? Inked by Dani's self-love temporary tattoos are a safe way for girls of any age to express themselves. Each tattoo adds a spark of inspiration and positivity to her body with uplifting messages and reminders. All the self-love tattoos  are safe, non-toxic, cruelty-free, waterproof, and vegan! All she needs to apply them is water.

9. Body Lotion

The Vanilla Shea Body Lotion by Pink Posh Fox is the perfect body care gift to keep in her school bag or to add to her self-care routine. This lotion will leave her skin soft and hydrated. It contains natural sunflower seed oil and shea butter for 24-hour moisture.

10. Bath Bombs

soak bath co birthday cake bath bombs

Bath bombs are the self-care item every teen girl needs to add to her routine! Bath bombs will help her relax and unplug after a long and stressful day. We love the Soak Bath Co Birthday Cake bath bombs, which are natural, vegan, and zero-waste. These eco-friendly bath bombs are wrapped with a biodegradable plantable seed paper label that will grow into wildflowers!

11. Books 

If she loves to read, add some of the books we’ve featured in our Girl Gang Strong subscription boxes to her reading list. Marawa Ibrahim’s The Girl Guide has been a highly requested favourite among our subscribers. It is a great introduction for any girl going through puberty or who is learning to love her body! Some other favourites are Dare to Be You by Marianne Schnall for inspiration, Girls Who Code by Reshma Sajuani to learn something new, A Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramée, and Pavi Sharma’s Guide to Going Home by Bridget Farr for an adventure.

12. Journal 

make your mark

If you want to introduce your teen to journaling, the Make Your Mark journal by Amy Richards is a great start. Each page features an influential woman that has either made an impact in the world or has achieved great things. Each accomplishment serves as a journal prompt and inspiration for how the reader will make her mark in the world. The right side of the journal is where she will have the opportunity to write or doodle her ideas, hopes, and dreams.


13. Scented Candle

scented candle

Scented candles are great stress relievers and mood boosters on those stressful days. They also double as the cutest room decor that will brighten her room and leave it smelling good all day! Adding some candles with her favourite scent will show her that you’ve been paying attention!

14. Cup Holder 

danica studio cup holder

This colourful cup holder by Danica Studios is a fun decor item that adds a pop of colour to her desk or night stand. She can use it to store her stationery, a cactus plant, makeup brushes and more!

15. Metal Straw 

 gold metal straw

If your teen is an environmentalist, these metal straws are a great way to show your support. Metal straws are not only better for our environment, they also help protect our marine life. We love the ones by MTL STRW which are great for smoothies, iced coffees, or a glass of water. They also have different types and colours to choose from to match her aesthetic!

16. Stationery 

dual neon highlighters

If your teen owns a bullet journal or is obsessed with all things stationery, she will love these neon dual-ended highlighters by OOLY. Their dual highlighters are the perfect study tool to highlight and underline her notes. She can add them to her cup holder or desk as a colourful decor piece.

17. Cosmetic Pouch

cosmetic pouch 

How many times were you at work or school and you forgot to bring your essential items? A cosmetic pouch can be a lifesaver when you have an emergency and you’re away from home. A colourful pouch filled with all her important beauty and self-care items is a great gift idea that she will appreciate!

18. Daily Planner

daily planner

If your teen loves calendars, to-do lists, and staying organized, then a daily planner for the upcoming year is a gift she will appreciate. Planners can help her keep track of all her important dates, assignments, tests, and goals. Add a sheet of stickers so she can personalize it and make it her own!

19. Clay Face Mask 

maskeraide matcha clay mask

No self-care night, sleepover, or evening routine is complete without a face mask to refresh and moisturize the skin. We love the Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask by Maskeraide Beauty which comes with three single-use masks. This mask cleanses and detoxifies your pores which helps prevent acne and hydrates your skin. We also enjoy their cute dessert mini masks, perfect for when you need a quick boost of hydration. 

20. Leggings

aerie leggings

These flare leggings by Aerie that went viral on TikTok are a favourite among teen girls for a reason. They’re comfy, suitable for all body types, fast-drying, and lightweight. This one will leave her speechless!

21. Book Light 

book light

We all know the challenge of trying to read in the dark with our phone light or having to get out of bed to turn the light off when reading at night. Getting your teen a book light is a great way to encourage her to unplug and read before bed without worrying about falling asleep with the lights on! These clippable book lights are easily adjustable and come with multiple brightness levels.

22. GGS Christmas Holiday Box 

Why not get creative and put some of these items together to create a thoughtful curated gift! Order our Christmas Holiday Box which comes with 5-8 quality surprise products for your teen girl to invest in her self-love and self-care and have fun while doing it!