A Day in the Life of a Kidpreneur


A Kidpreneur is a combination of two words, kid and entrepreneur. Kidpreneur is defined as a kid or teen who has started their own business. There are an increasing number of kidpreneurs starting their own businesses these days, whether it is creating a sustainable fashion line or starting a lemonade business. Our founder of Girl Gang Strong, Kyree started her business at the age of 11, by taking a negative experience and turning it into a positive one. A year later, Kyree has learned a lot about being a business owner and the behind the scenes of running a business. Here’s what she had to share about her daily life as a kidpreneur.

What is your day to day like as a kidpreneur?

My day usually starts around 7:00 AM and ends around 11:00 PM. It depends on the day, as some days are busier than others where I don’t have much work to do and other days I’ll have a photoshoot or I'll have to pack our boxes for the next month’s subscription box. Most of my tasks for the day are creating content for our social media platforms, finding new products, and engaging with the girl gang. The part of my day I enjoy the most is creating content for Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and IGTV videos.

How do you manage your time and stay organized? How do you keep up with school and business tasks?

I schedule my day to make sure I know what I have to do that day and also give myself free time to relax, take care of myself, and also facetime my friends. For school, I plan and make sure I get my school work done and then work on my tasks for my business.  

What is a challenge you’ve faced as a kidpreneur? How did you overcome this challenge?

One of the challenges I've faced as a kidpreneur is coming up with new content. I’ve learned that it’s all about loving yourself and knowing who you are because if you love yourself, what people say won’t matter.

What are some milestones you’ve achieved? How did you celebrate these milestones?

Some milestones I’ve achieved since I’ve launched Girl Gang Strong is I’ve been featured on TV, both on CityNews and YTV’s The Zone. Another important milestone I've achieved is I have a big community that looks up to me, and I’m able to help make a difference. An accomplishment we just celebrated is that we were featured on 6ixBuzz. We usually celebrate by being grateful for everything we achieve and reposting them on our feeds to share with our Girl Gang Strong community. 

What have you learned about running a business? Is there anything you learned that you haven’t learned in school? 

I’ve learned that you have to know and believe in your mission and work hard to get where you want to be. You have to make sure that your business is something you really want to do, it’s your purpose. I think something I've learned that I didn’t learn in school is how to be smart with your money.  

What did you learn about your own skills and strengths?

I’ve learned that I’m good at coming up with new ideas, I’m smarter than I thought I was and I’m hard working. I’ve also noticed I’m good in front of the camera whether I’m talking or making content.

What things about running a business surprised you?

I didn’t know you had to pay taxes when you own a business (hahaha surprising right?!) and I also didn’t know you had to have your business trademarked. 

What do you like about being a kidpreneur? What is the best part?

As a kidpreneur, I like that I get to make an impact in the lives of other girls. I bring them something to look forward to and I help them boost their confidence. I think the best part of being a kidpreneur is hearing how happy the girls are when they get their boxes in the mail and to hear how much it helps them. 

Why would you encourage other kids/teens to start their own business? What advice would you give them?

I would encourage kids to start their own business because of the purpose they might have for it and the reason behind them starting their own business. If I can do it they can too. The advice I would give to a friend is if it’s something you want to do then go for it and make sure you know why you’re doing it. 

Who is an entrepreneur that you admire?

My mom! I admire her work ethic, she works hard running her own business. It amazes me to see how she runs a business and to learn how much she knows about having a business.