How to Create the Perfect Birthday Loot Bags For Teen and Tween Girls

We all know the challenge of finding quality gift bags with products that are just right. We want to give our guests a gift bag that is unique and filled with items that they will enjoy and not just another bag of “stuff". That’s why creating your own loot bags with items you know they’ll love (and want to keep) is a great way to thank your girls for celebrating with you.

First things first...

Gather The Essentials

If you’ve selected a theme for your birthday party, a great tip is to choose a colour scheme that goes with your birthday theme and include items with the matching colours for a completed look. Every girl’s loot bag must have these quality but essential items:

  • Lip Balm: A girl can never have too many lip balms, the flavoured lip balms by NCLA Beauty are the perfect addition to your loot bags for soft and moisturized lips.
  • Nail Product: If you decide to have a slumber party, your girls can each have their own nail polishes or nail art to create some fun designs!
  • Face Mask: Everyone loves a good face mask. Add your favourite single-use masks for your girls to unwind and pamper themselves.

Add Sweet Treats 

No gift bag is complete without some tasty treats to enjoy. Here are some quality treats your girl gang will rave about:

  • Cotton Candy: Add some organic cotton candy for a fun surprise!
  • Lollipops: Including a birthday cake flavoured lollipop is perfect for a taste of cake during those virtual celebrations!
  • Caramel Popcorn: Add a cute packaged bag of caramel popcorn to snack on while you watch a movie.

Create your Loot Bag 

Now that you’ve gathered all the items you want to include in your loot bags, select the type of packaging you’d like for your items. You can use paper bags, gift boxes, or mesh favour bags. Keep in mind your theme for the party and be sure to include decorations that will fit with the theme such as flowers, glitter, or bows. You can also include stickers, a personalized name tag, and a thank you card for a finishing touch. If you don’t have the time to create a loot bag, ordering a curated gift bag or loot bag is a great alternative. Our Celebration Box has quality birthday party favours for teen and tween girls that are already packaged and curated for you.