ind is the new cool.

*Real talk*

Being a girl is tough sometimes.

Some days, we don’t feel pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough. And, unfortunately, we’re reminded about that DAILY from that little phone that lives in our hands🤳🏼

Some days, it feels like kindness is “too cool” for some people. We find ourselves wondering why girls battle each other instead of best friend-ing each other.

Some days, all we need is to know that there’s someone out there who has our backs. Someone who can connect us, lift us up, and let us know that it’s ok to be different. Luckily, we know juuust the girl 😉

So...who’s the girl behind GIRL GANG STRONG?

I’m Kyree, the founder of GIRL GANG STRONG

I've experienced cyber-bullying before
and I know I’m not the only one.
Instead of shying away from it, I wanted to build an online community where girls like me can come and share their stories too.

Because we REALLY are stronger together💜

With help from my Mom, I started GIRL GANG STRONG for one simple reason: to create a welcoming and safe space online where girls my age can learn to love who they are — no matter who they are!

I believe that when we voice our fears, hopes, and dreams, amazing things can happen. Can I get an amen?!