The GGS Parents' Corner

Welcome to the GGS Parents’ Corner! We didn’t forget about you (we promise!). Summer has officially begun and there is plenty to catch up on and explore. The GGS Parents’ corner is a space for parents to stay updated with the latest trends, keep track of upcoming events or workshops your teen might be interested in, and discover some important resources.

Trending Videos

If you’re wondering what that new dance you’ve seen your teen practicing in your kitchen is all about or you’re simply looking for some new TikTok trends to recreate with your kids, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most popular trends in the last few months:

Track Star

This trend involves parents placing their kids in the middle of the camera and running in opposite directions to see which parent their kids will follow. This is a fun trend to try with your kids to see which parent they will follow.


Music from The Backyardigans has been growing increasingly popular on TikTok lately. The Backyardigans is an animated TV series created by Nickelodeon in 2004. One of the most popular trends with this song Castaways is recreating the dance in the original episode of Backyardigans. 

Good 4 u x Misery business 

Who hasn't been loving Olivia Rodrigo's latest single?! For those of you who remember Paramore's release of Misery Business in 2007, you probably enjoyed Rodrigo's latest track. Noticing the similarity between the two songs, Tik Tok user Adam Wright released a mashup of the two songs. The mashup went viral as it brought a sense of nostalgia to Paramore lovers. As a result, users have been recording themselves singing to Olivia's song as their present self. Then transitioning to them singing Paramore's track as what would be their younger self back in 2007.

VHS Filter

The VHS filter is an effect on TikTok that gives your video the appearance of a recording from a vintage camcorder. The video starts with moms sharing a video of themselves currently and then sharing a throwback video of them when they were younger. But there's a twist: the throwback video isn't of them, it is actually their daughters using the VHS filter. Some of the daughters look like the younger versions of their mom's and it is adorable! 

Nobody by Mitski

This trend combines with the song Nobody by Mitski and it involves someone explaining a scenario or problem in the text and looking at the camera. Then they start running away and run further away as the song speeds up as the person filming runs after them.

Adult Swim

The Adult Swim trend is a reference to Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block that featured programming for its’ adult audience. During this block, there were interstitials or commercial bumps that aired between television shows. The trend involves teens using their creativity to recreate these bumps by displaying the Adult Swim logo in a subtle way.

Events and Workshops

If you’re looking for upcoming events, classes, or workshops to keep your teen entertained and learning this summer, we’ve gathered some fun virtual programs to keep them busy all summer.

Chess Institute's Online Chess Clubs

Are you raising the next chess prodigy in your house? If so check out the Chess Institute of Canada’s virtual weekly clubs and five day camps that run for 60 - 90 minutes during the day. The Chess Institute offers chess lessons, activities, and games. They also give kids the opportunity to develop their chess skills as well as their skills in decision making, goal setting, emotional intelligence, and respect for others. The camps are divided into different levels and you can sign up for a free evaluation here.

Virtual Summer Art Camp for Tweens

If you have a tween (9 - 11) who is interested in visual arts, Winged Canvas is hosting live online art lessons in drawing, painting, and digital art that are specifically designed for tweens. There are four camps available: watercolour painting, anime drawing, acrylic painting, and digital art. If you have a teen (12+) who is also interested in attending the virtual art camp, there are advanced camps available for them in: art intensives, anime drawing, and digital art. Register here.

YWCA & Digital Smarts Discover Online Safety Workshop

YWCA and Media Smarts have teamed up to offer four workshops in their online security series to learn how to practice online safety. The first workshop takes place on July 8 at 12:00 pm via Zoom where you will learn how to create a safe password, identify online scams, and download new apps safely. Register here

TPL Teens Programs 

The Toronto Public Library has a variety of online workshops and programs for teens throughout the summer. The programs include self care, stress management, camping and camping safety lessons, creating digital collages, playing dungeons and dragons, and creative writing.  


It is officially summer and your teen will be spending time both indoors and outdoors. We'd like to share the best resources to keep your teen happy, healthy, and safe! 

Girls Who Fight Street Safety Manual

Practicing street safety and self defense is crucial for young girls at any time of the year but summer is also an important time to review this safety manual with your teen. Girls Who Fight’s Street Safety Manual includes some key safety principles including practicing situational awareness, street safety, internet safety, staying safe at home, body posture, travel safety, and emergency escapes. 

YWCA and Media Smarts Cyber Safety Guide 

This guide offers the best ways to support young women online, whether they are being harassed online, cyberbullied, or are a victim of trolling. There are many events that take place online and situations can escalate. This guide also provides guidelines on how to have a conversation about your teen’s social media use, how to prevent these situations from happening, how to handle online issues step by step, and when to involve law enforcement.

Pretty Foundation's Body Image Guide 

Body image is something many young girls are conscious of especially in the summer! This guide is an excellent resource to encourage a positive attitude towards your teen’s body and self-esteem. The guide also demonstrates how your own behaviours and thoughts towards your body and eating habits can impact your teen.

Girls on The Run Physical Activity Guide

Since your teen is home for the summer you might be looking for ways to keep them active in the following months. Girls on The Run has a free physical activity guide and tracker with a weekly schedule of exercises that last for 8 weeks. They’ve also partnered with Adidas to inspire girls to stay active with a summer series for the next three months. Each month will be based on a theme accompanied by a workout video, activity, and Spotify playlist.