Girls just wanna have fun, right?

GIRL GANG STRONG is a welcoming and safe space online where tween and teen girls can learn to love
who they are — no matter who they are!

GIRL GANG STRONG is more than just an online community of tools and resources for pre-teen and teenage girls. We also want to have a little fun along the way 🎉


~ Inside each box ~

You’ll receive 5 to 8 quality, age appropriate products
Products may include:

  • Cute Stationery
  • Skincare products
  • Beauty products
  • Hair Accessories
  • Unique jewelry
  • Education products
  • Phone accessories
  • Health products

BONUS! When you purchase the box for the 1st time, you'll receive a special code inside the box, to access our GIRL GANG STRONG App and be apart of our Girl Gang VIP Community ☺

No matter what your hair or skin colour is, you get to be EXACTLY who you are with us. We hope you'll come to us when you need girl talk, support, or just something to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours 😍

By joining the GIRL GANG STRONG movement and signing up for the subscription box, you’ll start believing in these three things:

Self love

We offer age-appropriate
knowledge to help every girl invest in their self love and care.

Girl empowerment

Our community is an exchange of ideas and inspiration to help empower girls to be their complete and true selves.

Embracing differences

We want girls from all walks of life to unite in combating bullying, tackling stereotypes, and breaking female barriers.

We’ve got so many good things coming your way, girl! Sit back, breathe, and just remember that no one can ever be YOU and that is your superpower 💪

Kyree & the GIRL GANG STRONG Team